Thursday, June 19, 2008

michelle turner seminar part dos

I attended a two day Michelle Turner seminar in Mass, with Carla, hosted by Alicia Williams of cordele photography. This was such a great time and awesome learning experience for me. This seminar was pack filled with valuable information that just made me open my eyes even more. I learned a lot of cool things from Michelle and can't wait to experiment at the next shoot.  Michelle was a great inspiration and I highly recommend getting to one of her seminars.  Here are some of the other images I got during the two days

I saw this huge puddle in the parking lot and wanted to get a cool angle with Karen in the background posing against a blue dumpster.
Karen and Bobby were GREAT models.  I first thought they were professionals that Michelle and Alicia hired, but I was wrong.  They were naturals in front of the camera's, especially 6 cameras.

Everyone in the class was shooting the models from the right side.  I swung around and decided to use the sidewalk in the background as a leading line, came out pretty cool I think!
Lovin the brick wall, Carla's favorite place to shoot at.

Michelle and Alicia found this cool red barn door, which made for an awesome background.
Random rock wall that Michelle found in the woods. 

This part of the shoot was AWESOME!!!! I never realized that when cows were scared they crapped everywhere.  There were probably 40 or more in this room, and it was flowing like crazy.  It was the funniest thing I've seen in awhile, crap hitting the floor everywhere.  I'm very surprised none of us were pelted with poop!  Heather, the model, was a champ for going along with the idea : )
This was the only BULL in the bunch!  It was great when he tried eating Heather's dress
The greatest part of the picture is to take a close look at the terrifying look on the city girl's face, oh BTW its Carla.  Good thing that humans don't react like cows when their scared, HAHAHA


Rnormfoto said...

cows are so cute---even with poop flying out of their butts.

Anonymous said...

one pic cooler than the other! awesome work. i wonder how the dress looked like after the shooting with the cows! :-) Must have been kind of "trash the dress" shooting!

Robin Dini Photography said...

love that first image mike. awesome colors in all of them but that setup and composition is stunning. great job.

carla ten eyck said...

love the reflection shot too, nice job

Yeah I'm a city girl, SO? And city mouse or country mouse who REALLY loves having cows MOO in your face and put their slobbery whiskers in your mouth?

Well besides you

but easily the most memorable model shoot, EVER and funny as all get out

carla ten eyck said...

i like your spanish senor