Saturday, June 14, 2008


Yes these are real shark teeth!!!! These are on the smaller side, but they are from a prehistoric shark called a Megalodon shark.  Scientist believe that this shark could of been up to 4o feet long or larger, CRAZY!!!!! Great White sharks are like gold fish compared to these monsters.
My good friend and diving fanatic, Woody, lives to search out these fossils.  Woody finds these teeth in the depths of the ocean, mostly down in the south.  He just came back from a week long excursion in North Carolina and came back with a few hundred teeth.  He was nice enough to give me these two, but trust me, these are on the smaller size.


carla ten eyck said...

cool but kinda yucky- actually a direct quote from Georgie

and I second it!

Erik Maziarz said...

cool! call me a geek but i love that kind of stuff.