Sunday, June 1, 2008


Well it took me long enough to blog about my buddy, aka my shadow, Max.  He's my little 230 pound baby who spoiled beyond belief.  Today I decided to take some pictures what we did today, Enjoy!

Bear claws
Sleep, sleep and more sleep.  

Bath time. He loves the water being spayed on him.  Cant do it inside, he's too big for the tub.
Right before I pelted him with the hose.  
Car rides.  You can image the looks I get with him hanging out the back window.  Its great when the drool starts flying out of his mouth while I'm driving.
Little drool.  Its not that bad, trust me!
Doggie Ice cream, Frosty Paws, If you never gave your pet one Do it!!! They'll love it I promise.

I think his nose is the pivoting point for the rest of his body
I'm soooo happy!!!!
Wash my belly!!!


carla ten eyck said...

I'll wager that the one of him shaking off all of that 'water' is really all drool..... mmmmmmmmm

nice shots though I don't know what's better your pictures or your captions- you are rivaling Amanda Harris and her Strider captions now!

You guys should schedule a doggie play date

MIKE said...

Don't be jealous Mrs. Carla. Hey, by the way hows your cat.

dorelies hofer said...

The one, he is looking in the back mirror is great and I really can imagine, driving, want to look back for other drivers and what are you seeing: a driveling (hope, that's the right word) dog.
Love your and Carlas work!! Best regards from Vienna.

Jean Molodetz said...

Great stuff Mike. Lots of favorites, especially the post with the fire escape and night city backgrounds. Really awesome.

Orchard Cove Photography said...

Well your dog isn't as cool as Strider - although he could probably eat him. But Strider can be scrappy and calculated....we'll have to get them together one day :) Very cute though - and I like your Baby Romano widget :) :)

Val McCormick Photography said...

That water starting out from the hose is really cool. Jeez I feel sorry for any one on a motorcycle behind you. Do you take your dog to those English Mastiff play dates?

Beyond The Lens Photography said...

Too freakin cute....he's a cow might want to try a doggie diet!

carla ten eyck said...

leave my cat alone, fool

he loves being half dead

Justin Marantz said...

Happy Birthday!!!!! Hope it's a great one!


Val McCormick Photography said...

Mike sorry to post twice here I didn't where else to post this.
HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! Hope you have an awesome one!

laurie said...

ok mike you can thank carla for all these happy birthday post but I had to hop on theband wagon and tell you...You are hands down one of the coolest photographer ever (don't get upset carla, I love you too!) you do have an amazing technical but creative sense all rolled into one. anyway hope you have a wonderful birthday!!! hope you see everyone next time I come up! said...

These images make me wanna buy a dog. He's so cute. -

Happy bday..... said...

By the way, I love your first naked photo booth picture from Carla's blog :)

Eric Foley said...

As my wife would say, he is so cute I just wanna bite his cheeks! Cool rear view mirror shot too!