Friday, October 24, 2008

erica and paul, E-shoot

Carla and I had the pleasure of shooting erica and paul for their engagement shoot, just weeks before the big day!!!! I've been to Paul's house before and knew he and Erica had a x-mas tree farm, but they recently added chickens to the mix. I had a lot of fun finding fun things around their home to shoot.

I guess it wouldn't be a true farm unless their was a red wooden fence. Erica quickly found out that Carla had a shoe fetish and fueled the fire by putting on the red heels.

Of course I had to make an attempt of a ring shot with the chickens. I think there is a picture on Carla's blog of me getting this shot

It was really awesome to get them onto the roof of their barn. Something I guess these two do on a regular.

Pauls's sign he made for his girls.

This one reminds me of one of the chickens from the Muppet's

Check out Carla's blog here

Monday, October 20, 2008

cari and steve, sharpe hill vineyard and Uconn

Last weekend Carla and I went to Sharpe Hill Vineyard to meet with Caria and Steve for the beginning of their e-shoot.  This place was really really nice and apparently very popular, since they were taking dinner reservations for November.  Cari and Steve were awesome infront of the cameras.  They were soo nice and up for anything which made it really easy to get great pictures.

Carla had the great idea of doing a ring shot on the grapes, she swears weren't harmed during the making of "her" shot.  So she stole my macro lens and left me to one-up her to make this picture with a little flare.  Grapes+ grape vines+ a huge ring + little sun flare = : )

Uconn stadium..  Really cool place to shoot.

This shot was taken on the steps leading to Cari and Steve's dorm.  Carla has a picture on her blog of me getting this shot.  

The sun on the patio of the library was awesome, I couldn't resist the shadows.
This picture was taken from the same location on the library patio. I really like the fact that you can get so many different perspectives from one location
So to "END" this blog post, I guess a little "reverse-psychology" by Carla, wagering me not to post this shot.. HA HA HA, C'mon those who know me KNOW that I can't resist opportunity shots like this. 

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

christine and mike at the Hilton Hotel, Hartford

I know I'm a little behind in posting, but I'm trying really hard to catch up to the "blog master" Ten Eyck. Carla and I shot this wedding a few weeks back. Here are a few of my favorite pictures from Christine and Mike's wedding.

I had alot of time to play and do some cool ring shots. These are some of my favs, which I realized later I must of been on some King and Queen theme.

Christine had this cool doll house which worked out great for a ring shot.

Mike and his mom getting ready for the big day.

Caught Mike loading up the limo with scooby snacks for after the wedding.

Hartford City Hall is such an awesome place for pictures. There are so many areas in the building for great pics

Let me just say that this cake, OH MY!!! This is the biggest wedding cake I have ever seen. WOW!!!!