Friday, October 24, 2008

erica and paul, E-shoot

Carla and I had the pleasure of shooting erica and paul for their engagement shoot, just weeks before the big day!!!! I've been to Paul's house before and knew he and Erica had a x-mas tree farm, but they recently added chickens to the mix. I had a lot of fun finding fun things around their home to shoot.

I guess it wouldn't be a true farm unless their was a red wooden fence. Erica quickly found out that Carla had a shoe fetish and fueled the fire by putting on the red heels.

Of course I had to make an attempt of a ring shot with the chickens. I think there is a picture on Carla's blog of me getting this shot

It was really awesome to get them onto the roof of their barn. Something I guess these two do on a regular.

Pauls's sign he made for his girls.

This one reminds me of one of the chickens from the Muppet's

Check out Carla's blog here


Robin Dini Photography said...

OH man! These are so cool. I love the first shot with the red fence...and shoes of course! all of these ring shots are great! awesome job Mike!

Anonymous said...

They are all just great! Love the dark one with the light coming through. Didn't you worry the chicken could pick the ring and run away?!! And are you already havin xmas-lightning?

Erik Maziarz said...

unbelievable shots Mike. REALLY great. and so cool to see your perspectives after seeing Carla's fun post!

Robert J. Trenske said...

I LOVE all of the really cool light, the sun flare especially!! I love your composition, it is awesome!!

Brian said...

sooo... it wasn't until like halfway down the page that i realized i knew these two... awesome job. guess the cat's out of the bag with the coworkers, eh?

The Ertel Triplets said...

I love, love, love the shot of them holding the Christmas lights!

They are ALL good, but that one is my fav. Great job, as always!

(BTW, I found your blog thru Carla's site - you guys work well together!)

Trinity Cole said...

Sorry! I just realized I probably sounded like a total stalker on my comment (the ertel triplets). I should have been logged in under my practice photography name (Fetching Prints), it might have made more sense as to why I was looking at your blog!

I am an aspiring pet photographer in Buffalo, NY...and I have been looking to the Internet for creative inspiration and tutorials...that's when I found Carla's famous "Lens Flare Tutorial" and then found you thru her! So, I apologize if I came across as a weirdo. ;)

Again, you guys have amazing stuff, amazing talent - I wish I was closer so I could come to a workshop! I specifically love your creative ideas to bring light to a shot - you both have changed my perspective about shooting so much already.

Keep up the great work!