Thursday, December 11, 2008

ashley and jordan engagement shoot Hartford CT

Last Saturday Carla and I had the great pleasure of shooting Ashley and Jordan's engagement shoot in downtown Hartford. Ashely is actually close friends with my wife Kim, who will be in the wedding party! I don't know how they became friends? Maybe it's because Ashley wanted a motherly figure in class (they went to the same college). Ashley and Jordan were a lot of fun, and great sports for dealing with the bitter cold weather. It was awesome shooting in Hartford, something I haven't done yet!!! I have been to New York, Boston, and Rhode Island for engagement shoots but never in Hartford.
It was really cool shooting down near the Connecticut river and the plaza with all the x-mas lights.

I really like this picture and Jordan's scarf!!!!

I've probably driven by this building a thousand times but I never paid any mind to it.

I used MY super wide lens to get this shot on the walkway over 84.

Carla found this horror movie/ killer's dream spot location under the highway near the river. I could just imagine what Ashley and Jordan were thinking when Carla got all freaked out about this spot.