Tuesday, July 29, 2008

michele and brian wedding at Garrison, NY

This past Saturday Carla and I had the honor of shooting Michele and Brian's wedding at the Garrison in NY.  This place had amazing views and one of the best sunsets.
Carla told me that the colors for the wedding were pink and yellow.  So we decided to pick up some jelly belly candy and do some cool stuff.  Plus after you get done who doesn't like a few jelly beans. 

Michele's grandmother seeing her for the first time.
Michele and Brian decided they were going to see each other before the wedding.  We had Brian checking out the awesome views while Michele walked up from behind.

These center pieces were awesome

This is one of my top funniest pictures ever!! I couldn't resist posting this one.  
Check out this cake!!!!

CONGRATS to Michele and Brian

Saturday, July 26, 2008

jen and rob

Friday, I had the honor to be with my best friend Rob and his girlfriend Jen for a little photo shoot at Southern University.  Jen and Rob were both on the swim team together.  Rob had asked me to take some photos of them around the campus, and of course I couldn't say no. 

So of course there's a little more to this story.  Rob told me earlier in the week that he is getting ready to propose to Jen.  Rob wanted to go back to Southern where they first met, to ask the BIG QUESTION.  Jen was led to believe that we were just taking a few photos around campus.  So I asked Rob when am I gonna know when your going to do this.  He told me the signal will be a card that he's going to give her first.  Rob told me that he has never given a card, "birthday", " x-mas" or "get well soon" to Jen before.  
After a few minutes, Rob got down to one knee and pulled out the ring  : )
I don't think that Jen even read the card. I had a feeling once she saw the card she knew something was up.


I saw this price checking machine with the red laser, bar code reader, in this small store we went to.  I put the ring on the shelf and fired away.  It was pretty neat to see the different designs you get from the scanner.  
whens the big date?????

Thursday, July 24, 2008

emily and john's wedding part 2

Here are some more images that I shot for Steve Depino at Emily and John's wedding.
Please check out Steve Depino's blog for more 

Monday, July 21, 2008

emily and john @ Pine Orchard Country Club

I'm still California but I wanted to share a one, two or maybe three of my fav's from Emily and John's wedding.
I was asked by Steve Depino to help out with this wedding, which I'm sooo glad I did. Emily and John were great.

When I was shooting the shoe I really wanted to capture the sparkles from the diamonds on the shoes. I was able to position the shoes under a window and cast the reflections onto the wall.

This is one of my top ten pictures I ever took. I was lucky enough to be in the right spot when Emily first saw herself in her wedding dress. It was such an emotional time for everyone in the room