Monday, July 21, 2008

kiira and james greene part dos

So after the long 6 hour plane ride, waiting in the long car rental line, we finally made our way to the Sheraton Hotel, which is down the street from Stanford University. When I got to my room I saw a bunch of people wearing Olympic swimming tee shirts in my hallway. I didn't think much of it till breakfast the next morning when my aunt told me that she spoke to a coach for the team. Apparently the men and women US Olympic swim team have been staying at the hotel training at Stanford for the past few weeks, pretty cool.
Here are some more pics from the wedding, enjoy!

Argyle socks for the wedding party!!! Very nice :)

Part of the reception was outdoors so umbrellas were provided to the guest. Here's my mom and aunts shading themselves. LOL

Rockin some sun flare with the place cards

Cool umbrellas right!

The best man, Dru, gave one of the funniest toast I heard to date.

Nice way of saying " STAY OUT OF THE CUPCAKE ROOM".

Oh and these small little cupcakes were slamming. I had a few, maybe 6 or 8, which I figured equals one regular size cupcake.

Beautiful Kiira and her father

Mr. James and his mom


carla ten eyck said...

michael, michael, michael

you know you ate 12 cupcakes

Robert J. Trenske said...

Beautiful shots Mike, I really like all of the details that you captured. Really nicely done!!

Kiira said...

WOW! WOW! WOW! Mike- you have no idea how much I appreciate these photos! They are beautiful and we are so lucky to have had you there to capture all of it! I wish I knew more people in Connecticut- I'd recommend you to every bride out there!! Thank you for these photos! I'll be looking at them over and over! :) Safe travels back to CT and give our best to Kim!