Monday, July 7, 2008

cathy & nic @ The Tower Hill Botanical Garden

Cathy and Nic's wedding at the Tower Hill Bontanical garden.  It was alot of fun and turned out to be a great day for the wedding.  The weather was a concern for awhile but it worked out perfectly.

Cathy's hotel room had the coolest window set up, which I think worked out great for the shoe and dress shot.  Instead of the traditional curtains there were doors instead.
The dress was a bit tricky to hang up in the window, but I managed to balance it using the coat hanger.  I was pumped about this set up, I think it worked out pretty cool.
Super sneaky shot of Cathy not realizing I was getting her with the dress in the mirror.  Until Carla let the cat out of the bag and told her what I was up to  : (

Carla had this great idea using the candy that Cathy brought with her.  After Carla did her set up, I took over the candy and made it better  ;) 
And YES the candy was GOOD!!!
This was a cool theater area that Cathy put her dress on.  The lighting was so cool, I really love dramatic lighting setups.

Cathy and her mother before the ceremony.

This was a cool greenhouse area Cathy and Nic had their reception in.


Wolfgang said...

How cool is this shot of the shoes. I love that one. And i love the beautyful light shining throug the dress at the window. Just great!

dorelies said...

The one of the dress in the windowlight is great. But I also love the garden-picture with the flowers in the grass and I love and I love .... well I think I love them all.

laurie said...

ok once again mad props..the dress! the ring shot reminds me of a tasty smore, the last shot of them dancing makes me think you captured a special moment that no one else saw. Dang your good! so you ready to be a daddy.... it's getting close!

Studio Foto said...

Wow are taking some KILLER shots man!!! I love that shot of the dress in the closet with the back light- how creative!! Keep up the good work...see you soon.

Val McCormick Photography said...

MAN, the shoe and dress shot is major WOW FACTOR! Awesome job Mike.

carla ten eyck said...

pretty pretty pretty stuff!

Your dress shot came out great, and yes, you did get a better version of the candy since you can see the 'Hershey's' FINALLY you are no longer DEAD WEIGHT!!!!


Robin Dini Photography said...

that first dress shot is absolutely stunning mike! amazing!!!! these compositions are blowing my mind! love those creative juices man. you're very inspiring.

Erik Maziarz said...

love 'em all Mike! 3 and 4 are stunning.