Monday, June 9, 2008

alison and sean E shoot

Alison and Sean's engagement shoot in NYC!!!
Like Carla said getting to NYC in crazy traffic was insane, and I thought Hartford traffic was bad, yeah right!!  This was a fun shoot that we had. It started off inside MSG, which was pretty cool! I never realized there was a huge theater there, which I might add had a cool ceiling.  Sean and Alison said for every seat in the theater there was a light on the ceiling.   After leaving the theater I finally got to experience the crazy subway rush hour, with people running everywhere, which made for a pretty cool long exposure shot I was able to get : )
Central park was the next spot, which of course is a very exciting place to shoot, plus there was a outdoor concert.
At the end of the shoot Alison and Sean brought us to a favorite restaurant of theirs, Ollie's.  This place was AWESOME!!!!! But a warning for those who decide to check out Ollie's, when the menu says the dish is SPICY, IT IS!!!!!!!!!!!  OUCH, I don't think I had spicy food since then.


Beyond The Lens Photography said...

Great stuff Mike...that subway shot is kick a$$!!!

Robert J. Trenske said...

Awesome stuff Mike, I like to many of them to pick a favorite. Awesome

carla ten eyck said...

wow you really got some great stuff mike I have some serious shot envy!

love the legs with texture, and the tile underneath hoo ha place, love the treatment on that image

the Penn Station shot is also really great

ok ok wait, I also love the way wide theater shot, very nice

ok, I'm good now, thanks

Robin Dini Photography said...

shot envy is the word! that ring shot is crazy good man! super creative eye you have my friend. can't wait to see more. shine baby shine!

Rnormfoto said...

not only is that subway shot a winner - but how can you beat getting access into an empty theatre?!