Monday, June 16, 2008

Kate and Adam's Wedding

Kate and Adam's wedding was such a great time.  It was at a cool summer camp, Camp Bournedale, in Mass.   Carla and I had an awesome time and were pumped for this wedding, which I might add I felt more like a guest at than actually working it. This wedding had to be the most emotional wedding I've been to yet!! I think during the ceremony EVERYONE had tears of joy in their eyes for this AWESOME couple.  They even had a Gospel Choir singing during the ceremony, which gave me the chills,  they were freakin AMAZING.  
Be sure to check out Carla's blog for her amazing work!!! I know she got some great shots!!

I had fun documenting Adam's father helping him with his tie. 

This is Adam's little nephew , his grandmother and mother in the background.  


carla ten eyck said...

NICE stuff chatterbox!
The dip shot you got? I threw a panoramic crop on that bad boy and have it in our slide show in the studio... it's awesome! Great catch.

I also love the super sexy back shot of Kate's dress, very very beautiful....

great work mr. mike, you can stay ;)

Robin Dini Photography said...

amazing! such natural beauty.

Anonymous said...

Great work as always!! I love the ringshot most. And is that little boy cute or what??