Sunday, April 19, 2009

Kiira and James, San Francisco shoot.

Last weekend Carla and I were in San Francisco for an engagement shoot for Nicole and Matias. So I contacted my cousin James and asked if he and his wife Kiira would be up for a photo shoot on Sunday., which James reminded me it was Easter, (oops) but they were still up for the adventure.
We went to the a park where the "painted ladies" houses aka the Full House were. And YES I watched Full house but it wasn't one of my favs!!!

The "Painted ladies" AKA Full House. YES I watched the show but Airwolf was on air around the same time and trumped Full house, sorry! But it was still cool to see these houses.
San Fran city hall is beautiful. Its larger than our Capitol building.
There were these crazy looking trees in front of city hall. The noon time light was tough, which Carla quickly threw out a few pointers. I then began to realize why she always schedules e- shoots later in the day, noon time light sucks.
Next stop were these cools graffiti walls that James knew about. The graffiti was cool but usually where you find spray painted walls, its sometimes not the best of locations. It reminded me of scenes out of the Grand Theft Auto video game. Sketchy people walking all around, especially the guys standing a few feet away from us selling. And they weren't selling girl scout cookies!!! if ya know what I mean

Gotta have the sexy shoe shot
What I like about this location is that the San Francisco Giants baseball stadium is about 30 feet to the right of this shot.

We ended the day at the beach, which I must say was AWESOME!!!! There's something to be said about that west coast sun.

There are so many pictures from this location is was hard to pick my favs. The sunset was so beautiful and light was OMG!!!!! awesome.
James and Kiira it was awesome seeing you guys again. I had such an awesome time hanging out with you guys and seeing the family again. Talk to you soon!


James said...

Mike! These are killer dude and super cool photos....Kiira and I love them and can't thank you and Carla enough for taking them. Super cool Mike!

Kimberly said...

AHHHH, you guys are too darn cute. The pictures are gorgeous! Mike had such a great time seeing the family, and I can't wait to catch up with you two. I see a trip to CA in the future! Oh and Kiira...I love the shoes!

nicole and matias said...

gorgeous shots, mike!

Robin Dini Photography said...

Mmm.. love that palm tree shot and the walls with graffiti.. really cool setups.

Robert J. Trenske said...

Mike, you seriously SERIOUSLY ROCK!! I am totally LOVING the beach ones, the sky in the 8th one from the bottom is simply spectacular. I absolutely love silhouettes and you capture them in such an amazing way. Aweseome job!!

Graham said...

Wow... amazing stuff mike. I love the shoes in the sand and the sunset silhouettes.

Val McCormick Photography said...

OMG, you remember Airwolf! No one ever remembers Airwolf! My parents knew Jan Michael Vincent and his family. I don't really remember them just their house and that his mother made good oatmeal, lol. Anyhow those are AMAZING shots with the light... HOLY COW! BEAUTIFULLY done!

Eric Foley said...

Awesome sun set shots Mike! Completely blown away!

E. Broderick Photography said...

Insane. Love these. The beach pics blew me away. also lovin' the graffiti. But your commentary was especially entertaining, Mike. =)

Erik Maziarz said...

dude these are ridiculous. the sun flare, the reflections in the wet sand, the silhouettes - AWESOME. i am such a loser I almost wrote "hey those houses look like Full House," but then I read the post.