Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Hilarious Tree man

The streets of downtown San Francisco are filled with tourist and performers. Walking around I saw all types of dancers, musicians, artists, fast talking shoe shiners and homeless people with funny signs.
Some of these people have such amazing talent and clearly spent a lot of time perfecting their performances. Here are two guys painted in silver just waiting to have tourist to put money in their cups for them to dance. It was pretty cool, and they obviously spent a lot of time prepping for their big performance. BUT then there's this other guy we came across. I call him tree man.

TREE MAN was very original and clever. There was no special equipment needed just a milk create, some branches (with leaves) and a hunters mentality. Hunters mentality you ask??? well this tree man/ performer hunts out his unsuspecting prey and BAM he attacks. Its so entertaining to watch this happen, along with the other 50 or so people watching. Whats even funner is that the innocent bystanders still don't notice the trap their walking into. Check out below what I'm talking about.

This lady was great. Not only does she look at the strange bush/tree but still gets startled by the old fashion BOO.

I had to throw this guy money for doing this. I could of watched him all day, photographing peoples reactions.



Katie Slater Photography said...

I love that you sat and took photos of these moments. They are so funny! However, tree man is not funny, especially when he gets you. I may or may not be speaking from personal experience.

Robin Dini Photography said...

ha ha!! that's a freakin' riot! I can totally hear you laughing along as you took these :)