Monday, August 4, 2008

jennifer and paul wedding at the old state house and hartford golf club

Jen and Paul were such a fun couple to hang out with. From the engagement shoot to the wedding you could just see how much they were in love with each other. They got married at the Old State House which I thought was a pretty cool place to get married and shoot in. After the wedding the weather totally cooperated and we were able to go to Elizabeth Park for some wedding party pictures. After that we ended up at the Hartford Golf Club, a great facility with awesome staff. Please check out Carla's blog here!


Jen and her mother gettin all done up for the wedding.

These two were so adorable. After she got some make up put on, her face just filled with joy.

The dress was so beautiful.

Jen reading a card written by Paul

The old state was such an awesome place to get married. The room was fill was just beautiful light

Carla took the flower girls to this location for a few pictures. Apparently the little flower girl knew who the better photographer was..ahahahahahaha : )

Jen really wanted a picture with the collie, So Jen kidnapped the dog for a few shots. It would of really been funny if Paul appeared in a white puff of smoke after the kiss.

Future waiter... which I hope someone left him at least 20%.

The floor is lava. C'mon everyone knows that game right!

It as really great to meet Jen and Paul. It turns out, I cant remember if I mentioned this in their engagement session, but Paul and I might have known each other since we were really young. It turns out his cousin lives a few houses down from where I grew up, how small of a world. We were probably at the same birthday parties, pretty cool : )
Congrats to you both!!


Wolfgang said...

Great shot! Like in Carlas picture you can imagine the childs face! So cute.

Travis Flynn said...

Beautiful lighting. Can't wait to see more!

dorelies said...

Great work and lovely shots. I really like the one of the men and the little boy between them - he is so charming!!