Tuesday, May 27, 2008

My First Blog Post

Well It took me long enough to set up this blog, thanks to Carla and Martin for the help! Oh and BTW Carla, I changed my password so stop trying to hijack my site, HAHAHAHAHA.
My first post has to be for my wife, Kim, who graduated from Saint Joseph's college last weekend. Awesome job to her for graduating with Magna Cum Laude status, which I googled and found out that means she's really smart, huh!!! It was an awesome day for me to see her walk across the stage and finally get her diploma. I know she is soooooo excited to finally get her degree, Now only if she can get a job, HMMMMMM : )

Getting ready for the big day.

This is Kaylee, How cute is she.

This is Jordan. After I told him he has another 10 more years of school!!!!

Kim and her Dad


Robin Dini Photography said...

yeah mike for finally bloggin...and congrats to Kim for "finally" graduating :)

Orchard Cove Photography said...

Super cute - especially the shot of Kaylee. Yay for Kim!!

carla ten eyck said...

Congrats Kim on graduating!

Love the shot of Jordan