Thursday, May 29, 2008

kate and adam E shoot

Wow, this was an amazing time shooting Kate and Adam on Monday. These two were great and full of surprises. I can't wait for their wedding and what they might have up their sleeves. I'm trying to upload a cool slideshow I put together for this shoot so please check back. Check out Carla's blog for her pictures.
We found this little alley way with this cool fire escape. The wind was whipping through which made Kate's dress and hair flow perfectly.

On the MIT campus where these two couldn't wait to lay down and finally relax for a bit.

Its not a C10ike ice cream ring shot, but I found this cool brick wall in a little church on the MIT campus.

This was while we were hiking up this "MOUNTAIN". Which, at this point, most of my pictures were taken from behind since I had to wait for Carla and her flip flops she bought at Eastern Mountain sport. HAHAHA

I finally got flare, its not from the sun but I'll take it.


Eric Foley said...

Awesome shoot Mike, very sultry! I like the 8th one down, very hot!

carla ten eyck said...

you are a man of very few words, huh!

Good thing you can use your camera!
Wait'll you see how I rocked your shots in the book, they look awesome.

Robert J. Trenske said...

Hey Mike, I really like the first shot and the shot with the skyline in the background. Great job on this shoot!!

raw photo design said...

you rock mike! we had such a blast with you and carla - she's sooooooo lucky she has someone like you shooting with her!

Robin Dini Photography said...

lovin' that first shot and the "embrace/kiss" shot. the lighting on their faces is awesome. i see check bones and jawlines!! yummy

carla ten eyck said...

for the record my flip flops were from j crew, a lot less 'sporty' you fool!

Kate and Adam said...

Mike! Love all these pictures! You're a brilliant genius photographic ninja. Want to send heaping praise via email, but no have your address! Drop me a line so I can swoon directly!