Thursday, September 4, 2008

Ending to a long day

Here are some shots from the hospital. It was a nervous and scary time for us both. We waited and waited, it felt like I was in line for the scariest roller coaster. I was nervous, excited, nervous then excited again. Needless to say the waiting sucked, but it was all worth it in the end when I was finally able to hold my son.

Kim hooked up to some crazy monitors

Shes gonna kill me for this but how could I resist with the old butt hanging out of the hospital gown picture, c'mon does that ever get old, LOL.
( I just had to blur out a certain area, OR ELSE!!!)

Heres Kim realizing it was a HUGE waste of time doing the hair in the morning. You girls and your hair, gotta look good for the delivery.

It was cool they let me bring in the camera, but I had to stay behind the wall : (
I was amazed with all the stuff going on in the room, it was crazy

Doctors hard at work.

The final weigh in, 8lbs and 12oz. A Keeper, must be from Kim's side of the family

The EXTREMELY PROUD brother. Jordan couldn't wait to hold Aiden.

My mom finally gets to meet her third grandson

Kim's mom gettin in a work out holding the bruiser : )

Kim's dad finally gets his hands on his second grandson.

This was a long, but awesome day. I can't wait to take more pictures.
Check out Carla's blog here for more pictures.


Robert J. Trenske said...

Absoutely beautiful Mike, Congratulations to you and your family!!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations and best wishes to you and your family!

Orchard Cove Photography said...

Oh it's 7:23 A.M. and I'm crying already :) Hope you both had a good first night - these are just so so beautiful. I am looking forward to watching this little guy grow up :0

carla ten eyck said...

grow up? He's gonna be bigger than you pretty soon! LOL

Mike wow these are really beautiful shots of your first day with your son and your family

I love the one of your mom kissing him, it got me all choked up

so did the one of Kim's fanny! LOL!!!she is gonna KILL you!!

Robin Dini Photography said...

yeah mike and kim! he's beautiful! i LOVE that first shot of kim....perfect face!

agreed, the shot with your mom is so beautiful.. aw man. i feel all cuddly and warm now :)

Erik Maziarz said...

geez man the emotions are still so fresh for me you got me all choked up. whew!

a heartfelt congratulations to you both! he's beautiful! and Kim looks great!

i'm jealous they let you bring your camera into the OR. what the heck?! :-)

Studio Foto said...

Wow Mike!!! You're a daddy!!!! What a beautiful little boy. You have some really touching shots here- breath taking even. I'm sure Aiden is going to become your favorite subject...what a lucky little guy to half a talented photographer for a daddy.

Congrats- we can't wait to meet him!
Love, Krystal & Paul

Val McCormick Photography said...

Beautiful Mike! Congrats on Aidan (I don't know if that is the spelling your using) I love that name my baby is also named Aedan. After St. Aedan :-)

jena70 said...

Congratulations!!! Nicole and I are so happy for all of you! He is absolutely a manly sort of way.

E. Broderick Photography said...

These are incredible. Love the shots of each grandparent meeting little Aiden. Your mom kissing him is my favorite--just perfect.

And, ya, that shot of Kim in the gown? Uh oh.

Eric Foley said...

Priceless! He is beautiful! Enjoy the ride!